Marcio Florindo

Welcome! My name is Márcio Florindo

I’m a freelance web developer focused on delivering you the best website you and your business deserve.

A good, functional website is key to get you more customers. Don’t let a poor online experience drive away potential business from you.


Angelo Fernandes' website Visit site

For this project I was asked to make an elegant and modern website to showcase some of the artist’s 3D work.

Marcio's website Visit site

For my website I wanted something simple that could showcase what I can do. I ended up with this layout and features like the ability to remember the theme between sessions.

Eloi's website Visit site

For this project I was asked to construct a website that displayed the client's work experience and academic achievments.

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Technology has been a part of my life since very early. I was around maybe 10 or 11 years old when I was introduced to the Spectrum computer, a small home PC really popular in Europe in the late '80s that made me fall in love with computers and technology in general. Later, my love of writing led me to pursuing a degree in Communication. Afterwards, I worked for many years as a technology journalist, reviewing technology for a living. Recently, I changed gears and started learning web development. What started as a desire to learn something new as a hobby, quickly evolved to a new passion that fulfills me. Besides work, I’m in love with science since forever and enjoy doing 3D modelling in Blender.

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